The No-Fee-Super-Free campaign is back!

CUmark brings back acclaimed
No-Fee-Super-Free campaign
for credit unions

April 23, 2018

VANCOUVER, BC — The impossible is happening...again! CUmark, the BC-based marketing agency built specifically for credit unions, is bringing back their national No-Fee-Super-Free campaign for a limited time.

“Since the initial campaign two years ago, we’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about it, so we thought, why not bring it back?” says Jeremy Whittingstall, CEO and Lead Free-ologist at CUmark.

The No-Fee-Super-Free campaign offers credit unions from coast to coast a chance to receive the best ROI ever, while trying out a disruptive new approach to creative campaign development.

“Credit unions give their members a chance to try them with no strings attached by offering free chequing accounts,” says Luke Taylor, Chief Creative Officer and Head of Fee Slashing at CUmark. “We figured we’d return the favour once again and give credit unions a chance to try us at no cost.”

“We have over a quarter-century of experience working with credit unions,” says Whittingstall. “So we’re pretty confident that once they get to know us, they’ll want to stick around.”

To learn more about the No-Fee-Super-Free campaign, visit or call the No-Fee-Super-Free team at 1-877-256-4283 to reserve your spot.

About CUmark

CUmark, a division of Loomo Marketing Inc., is based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. With more than 25 years of collective CU-specific marketing experience, the CUmark team has provided marketing, communications, branding, and creative support to credit unions and recognized financial institutions. CUmark is proud to support credit unions because we’re also credit union members. Learn more at

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CEO, CUmark


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