Luminus Financial


Popular with millennials and the diverse community that lives and works in vibrant downtown Toronto, Luminus Financial is truly visionary in its approach to financial services. The moment we met their charismatic CEO, George De La Rosa, we knew this was no ordinary financial institution but one that was going to shake up the industry in exciting new ways. 

While Luminus Financial is a relatively new brand within the Canadian credit union and banking sector, they have a strong history of taking their member-owners’ best interests to heart, offering a full and ever-expanding range of competitive products and services, and giving back to the communities they serve. Working with truly people-first organizations like Luminus is one of the reasons we love what we do. That's why when it came time to design their 2016 annual report, we jumped at the chance to showcase Luminus' successes and vision to their members and community. 


Luminus hired us to design their 2016 Annual Report and come up with a theme that would nod to their 65-year history while hinting at their exciting future plans.


Coming off the back of Luminus’ “Prepare for the Future” RSP campaign, which introduced a much larger and more diverse colour palette, we were able to bring a wider range of colour versatility into the 2016 Annual Report - something that hadn't been tried before.


  • 20+ illustrated icons
  • 39 theme concepts in the running
  • 1 electronic version of the Annual Report created in PowerPoint so it could be presented in style at the Luminus Financial AGM

Sweet beginnings

We initially connected with Luminus through our No-Fee-Super-Free Campaign, where we produced an incredible RSP campaign for them, appealing to the future goals of Torontonians. After that campaign was wrapped, they trusted in us to design their 2016 Annual Report.

The most important criteria for the Annual Report were: that it highlight the growth and accomplishments Luminus Financial had achieved in the previous year; and, that it visually represent the brand in an engaging way.

We spent some time going over previous Annual Reports, reading a year’s worth of company newsletters, and talking with their CEO to get a feel for both the year that was concluding and the years that lay ahead. With their past success and their ambitious future plans in mind, we landed on the theme of “Expanding Our Horizons.”


Luminus is known for delivering an excellent member experience, and we wanted to make the experience of reading the Annual Report equally enjoyable. In order to capture the reader’s interest and make them feel like they were part of the journey, we laid out the pages of the Annual Report with the kind of bright and bold imagery that you might expect to see in a storybook.

Of course, we included all the necessary components of an Annual Report, including detailed Financial Reports and a letter from the Board of Directors Chair & CEO; we just found a way to make them beautiful as well as functional.

As Luminus continues to grow and expand, we are very excited to see where their story takes them, and we are thrilled to have been able to collaborate with them on a piece of their journey.


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