Hyper-localization done right

When asked to design a campaign that resonated with residents of Northern Saskatchewan we knew that your average run of the mill creative wouldn't do. Taking a cue from the classic story of Dunn Daily Record's outperforming the New York Times in per-capita distribution, we decided there was only one solution: 

Names, names, names.

Diamond North Credit Union (DNCU)


Diamond North Credit Union came to be in 2006 but their branches have been providing banking, borrowing and investing services to members since 1939. Faced with the challenge of having to compete with the big banks, they have managed to prosper through even the most difficult economic times by building genuine relationships with their members, delivering a superior service experience, and giving back to their communities.

When asked to develop a creative concept for their annual retirement savings campaign, we knew right away that it needed to be a message that the big banks in town could never replicate with their one-size-fits-all cross-country marketing campaigns. We set out to create a campaign that reflected the real, hardworking people in these tight-knit communities and what they value most - each other.


We had a very short time frame to come up with a campaign for the 2017 investment/savings season that would be both memorable and drive results. With little time to conduct research and strategy we had to fall back on some time-tested rules of communication - people respond to things or situations that they can relate to. 


You might think that collecting fishing photos in a fishing community would be easy. Guess again. While we weren't lacking in the number of photos to choose from, getting three that were from the same person with differing sizes of fish was a bit more challenging. Then sticking to only fish that are preferred locally? A bit like finding a needlefish in a... river?


  • 12 creative files delivered
  • 3 weeks from concept to delivery
  • 1 awesome radio spot written
  • 3 amazing fish photos!

One fish, two fish...

Diamond North wanted the focal point of the campaign to be the great rate(s) on their limited-time RSP product, so we built the creative around that—with a twist. To make the product’s primary benefit (a comfortable retirement) more tangible to the everyday person, we tied it into imagery of a popular local pastime (fishing) to signify the kind of activities you can look forward to in retirement if you start saving now.

To underscore the community focus of the credit union, we used real photos from a local member. No stock photos here! We also developed radio ads for the campaign because we found radio to be one of the most effective ways to reach the credit union’s demographic, as it is played throughout the day in many of the local businesses. For these ads, we incorporated humour into a fishing-based narrative to make it more relatable than the generic big bank ads.

The result was a campaign that reflected the unique nature of life in small-town Saskatchewan while touting the many reasons to bank at Diamond North Credit Union.


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